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Shower Thank You Question

Okay, I have two attendants...one is hosting the shower. The other is in charge of the bachelorette party. Are you giving your party hosts a thank you gift? If so, what? 

Also, they are getting necklace and earring sets from Etsy.com  What if I paid for them and that is there gift? I feel like not doing that, because they are only buying them for the wedding. I mean they are cute and I'm sure they'll wear them again, but... Thoughts? 

Oh, maybe knowing that I am taking them out for pedicures and massages is there actual thank you gift will mean something, but that's not until a few days before the wedding.

Re: Shower Thank You Question

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    Typically anything you would buy them that's directly related to your wedding (BM jewelry, for example) shouldn't really count as your gift. I'd be borderline on the massage/pedi only because you already told them you're getting them. But I think that will be up to your discretion/budget.

    I also paid for all my BMs hair and nails, but I didn't 'count' that as a gift.

    I got a nice card for the two ladies who hosted my shower (friends of my mom's). I didn't do a specific gift for my BMs who hosted my bach party - but they all got different, personal thank you gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Nothing WR and something special between each of us.
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