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August 18 Brides in South Haven or around the area

Hello Ladies, 

I hope your wedding planning is going smooth. I am looking for a bride who will get married on August 18, in South Haven or in the area around, as I would be interested in buying part of your flowers....and this way you can get some of your money back. Please PM me to discuss more.. 

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      I am getting married august 17th in Kalamazoo/Richland area...are looking for real or fake flowers?  I bought all my vases so if you are needing vases I could sell them to you for a very cheap price?  I will have 12 14"x4" and 12 18"x4" cylinder vases...As for flowers I am submerging fake cherry blossom branches in water in the cylinders so I dont think that would help you!

      Let me know if interested in the vases!
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      We getting married in SH on August 4th.  Though our date is too far away to work out a deal with flowers, I thought I'd offer up my 2 cents about area florists in case you aren't able to find another bride to buy flowers from.

      I had one heck of a time finding a florist with reasonable prices in the SH area.  Since the Rose Shoppe seems to be the only shop in town - we checked them out and immediately decided that they were far too expensive.  We checked on a few other places further away and were quoted $300-315 plus a delivery fee.

      Ultimately we decided to go with VS Flowers in Douglas.  They quoted us $175 for the exact same amount of flowers that we requested at the other shops.  And they included free delivery, a free toss bouquet, and an extra boutonierre (just in case something happens to one of the others).

      They're definitely worth checking out if you don't find someone to share flowers with!
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