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Boulder Creek Golf Club

Hey everyone! I was just curious if anyone has had their wedding or reception at Boulder Creek Golf Club, or if you have checked into it as a potential venue? I am looking into it, and would love to hear about anyone's experiences. Thanks!

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    I have been to two weddings there.  The room set up is nice and there is a patio people can walk out to right on the golf course.  I remember she got a lot of nice photos from around there also.  Didn't seem cramped at all and the decor was nice inside.  I can't remember the food because the drinks where so good.  LOL j.k.  Anyway my friend had no problems when she had her wedding there.
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    My fiancé is actually a cook there. They have really good food and I have seen the room set up very nicely. I have actually talked to them about having my reception there but it is too far from my fiancé and my hometown and we don't want to make everyone drive far in January (possible blizzard weather). The seating capacity is 200. One of the bosses there said it seems pretty cramped with 200 unless its spring/summer/fall where people can go outside and have a little extra room. Any questions let me know! The staff there are all super nice and do a good job! :)
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    My best friend had her reception there and it was beautiful. They had golf carts set up for the bridal party to drive down for the grand enterance.. it was beautiful. I would recommend it
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