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Vintage Furniture Rentals?

Hey Ladies,
     I am having an outdoor reception on the bluff of Lake Michigan- it is a beautiful spot... but I would like to incorporate an outdoor lounge area.
I would love to rent some vintage furniture... but am having a hard time finding anywhere in Michigan to rent. I would hate to have to rent from Chicago.. it's a little far. Let me know if anyone has ideas. Thanks!

Re: Vintage Furniture Rentals?

  • I haven't gone to here, but I've heard good things about Refunction Junktion. I think it is a lady in Hudsonville, MI who spiffies up vintage finds. You can see her inventory here: http://refunctionjunktion.com/
  • I would recommend Fancy Fray, they have a website. I am having my reception at the Cheney Place in downtown GR and they use the warehouse to store their stuff- I saw it and they have some GREAT items. They also told me they are increasing their inventory. Prices aren't bad either.
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