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Friday Wedding

I was wondering what your thoughts are about having a wedding on a Friday. Is it rude to expect people to possibly have to take the time off from work to come to a wedding, or is it perfectly acceptable to have a Friday wedding?  If you had your wedding on a Friday or have been to a Friday wedding, what was the time table for the ceremony and reception?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advice!

Re: Friday Wedding

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    It is perfectly acceptable to have a Friday wedding! It's a lot more cost adventagous as well oppossed to a Saturday wedding. 

    The time table, I'm assuming, because I'm not having a Friday wedding, would be:

    wedding 6:30pm
    reception 7:30pm with dinner!
    Wedding 7pm
    Reception 7:45-8pm apps and dessert

    Your party wont be as long as it would be on a saturday or even a sunday. Also, I would recommend having the ceremony and reception in the same spot. You'd have to have your pictures before the wedding as well so as to not take up all the time of your reception on photos. 

    Good Luck!
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    DD was married on a Friday night.  It worked out well.  There were a couple of guests that missed the ceremony due to work, but they made it to the reception and had a great time.

    The ceremony started at 6:00 with the cocktail hour and reception immediately following the ceremony.  The two locations were about 10 minutes apart.  DD and SIL didn't do a first look, but did try to get all of the "same sex" done before the ceremony.
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    We are having a friday wedding...and we are having it in the afternoon, probably 3:30ish, with cocktail hour and full reception to follow (dinner likely at 6ish) We wanted our wedding to be close family and friends, and those that we want to be there won't mind taking friday off of work.

    You should do what works for you and your fiance.  As long as those you care are there can make it to the wedding, that's what is important.  If you try and please everyone, you will be miserable about your special day!
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    DD had her wedding on a Friday a few years ago, and it worked out great!  Like pp said, a few people missed the ceremony and just came to the reception, and that was fine. Most of the people that want to be there will manage it.  (Just make sure that your must haves will be able to be there.)

    Timeline was 6:00 ceremony, reception about 15 min from chruch at 6:45, called to dinner at about 7:30 or 7:45.  Cake cutting, toasts, before dinner.  Maybe ate around 8:00.  I can't remember even.  The party was a little shorter, which I thought would be fine, but we ended up paying the DJ longer because everyone seemed to be having a good time and stayed. 

    Other DD's wedding will be on Friday in a few months.  Ceremony at 6:15 at same venue as reception. Cocktail 45 min to follow, then cake cutting, dinner, etc. 

    It is better to have the ceremony a little later if you can to give people time to get there after work, so they may not even have to take off.  I personally like Friday weddings.  Then one has the rest of the weekend for their own plans.  A lot of the people we know enjoy going out on a Friday night.  Great start for the weekend.

    Sorry so long.  Good luck!

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    Thank you for all of the responses! You are all making me feel a lot better about this decision! :)
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