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Grand Haven Golf Course

I am thinking of having my wedding at Grand HAven Golf Course, has anyone had any experience with wedding receptions here? Also looking for a country chapel/church in the area, any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Re: Grand Haven Golf Course

  • I contacted Grand Haven Golf Course about having our reception there... NEVER HEARD BACK!   I took it as a sign and moved on.
  • Have you tried calling, I never trust those message things! So far I have heard nothing but good things and I was impressed when my fiance and I met with Tony, I just wanted to see if anyone else had things to say.
  • No, if they have a messaging system set up online and don't bother checking or responding I'm not going to go further with any of my business there!  Tell them they missed me!  
  • I am having my reception there in June  and they have been great!  The space and the golf course are beautiful, it was my first choice!  I have also been to receptions there as well, its perfect!
  • Does anyone have a picture of how the ceremony was set up at the Grand Haven Golf Course? I can't find a picture of it anywhere.

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