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Party bus rental??

What is the best/cheapest place in the GR area to reant a party bus? ive heard horror stories about certain ones being late and i dont want that. 

Re: Party bus rental??

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    are you actually going to be staying within the Grand Rapids immediate area? If so, look into the GR hopper. It is INCREDIBLY reasonable and all you have to do is pay $7 pp and you can hop on and off as many times as you want throughout the night.
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    no, we need it in coopersville then drive around and get pics, then end in Walker.  but GR is closer for us, so it would be easier to get a company out of GR
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    Affordable Limosine and Pary Bus seemed to have pretty decent prices compared to some of the other places in GR.  I think their site is www.affordablelimogr.com
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