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Sound system rentals

We are planning to do an ipod reception but I have no idea what kind of equipment we need!  Any recommondations on who to rent from?

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    Where you rent from will depend on a lot on what area you're actually in (the "Grand Rapids" designation seems to cover a lot of ground).  Can you give us a better idea of where you'll be?

    As for what you need, it depends on the type and size of your space.  You'll need different things if you're indoors or outdoors, have a large space or a small space, etc.
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    We went with "Speaker on a Stick" (in GR) because they have systems ready-to-go and you choose which one you need based on guest count. It's easy because you don't have to know a lot about sound systems to reserve one. FI is an electrical engineer so I'm sure we'll have no problem putting it together, but it doesn't seem like the set-up is very complicated even if you're not talented that way. Our setup covers 150+ people and has mic, subwoofer, speakers, cables and hookups for an mp3player for $150. FYI, we are doing the same thing (obviously) and one piece of advice I heard was to use a laptop instead of an ipod, because ipods have a two-second gap between songs that you can't fix. Call them right away though if you're interested, because we have the same wedding date and I don't know how many systems they have available. (I think my profile still says July 14th but the venue double-booked us so we had to change the date).
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