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Know of any discounted reception locations for Friday night off season?

Hi based on our situation I think we are going to choose to have a destination wedding this November and then have a reception/celebration party in Feb or March of 2011.  With that being said the current place I want to have my party at dosen't look like they give you any real discounts for Friday or for off season.  Does anyone know of any venues that offer any discounts for Friday or off season for about 250 people?

Re: Know of any discounted reception locations for Friday night off season?

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    Hrm.  Well, my advice would be to just not have one, to be honest.  I know that's probably not what you want to hear. :)  I'm not trying to be mean or snarky about it, but it's okay to do AHR's shortly after the wedding, but not so much to have them months after.  Especially for 250 people (WOWSA'S!! lol)

    I don't really know what else to say. :(
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    I have a friend who eloped to vegas over valentines day and isnt having her reception until August, so dont worry about it.

    where are you looking at? this area isnt that small!!
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     I didn't want to have one right after the wedding was because of the Christmas, New Years holidays and Christmas parties.  I wasn't set on March I just popped into my mind because the weather sort of clears up.  Thanks for everyones input.
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