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Invitation help!


So I've designed my own invitations. Everything is ready to be printed...but I can't find a good printer in the area. I was working with MICR graphics, but I'm a little frustrated with them currently.

Has anyone in the Grand Rapids/Grand Haven ish area printed their own ivitations/where did you go? I unfortunately have spent the last two weeks going back and forth with MICR so I'm now behind on getting the invitations and getting them out. Yay stress!


Re: Invitation help!

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    b0710b0710 member
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    I'm not sure how complicated your invitations are, but I have had things printed before at both Kinkos and Office Max.  They might be options, depending on what you need. Good luck!  It's definitely no fun when things don't go as planned.
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    akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    I used VistaPrint to print all of my invitations - although you order them online they have some really fast shipping options if you're in a time crunch. Plus they usually offer good deals, and their print quality on everything I printed was outstanding. Go to www.vistaprint.com to get started. Good luck!!
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