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One More Dress Post From Me... How It's REALLY Supposed to Look!

OK, I swear, after this neither you nor I will have to look at my dress until the wedding!  It's in my closet, and will not be coming back out!  But I FINALLY found a picture of my dress online!!!

For anyone who doesn't know, I got my dress during a Brides Again Breast Cancer event.  I knew the designer was Eden Bridals but I looked at every dress on the website and it wasn't there.  I figured it was an older design but couldn't find old EB dresses online.  But I wanted to confirm that I actually had the back right this time so I Googled to poo out of it tonight and FINALLY found it on some obscure blog from 2009.  Anywho, I do have the back right now, but boy did I have it WAY wrong originally!!!  Here it is:

Ah... I love it.  :)  I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day.

And if you forgot or weren't around back then, this is how I had it originally (just because I had no clue how it was supposed to go and this is what the lady at the event did with it):

Who knew wedding dresses could be so darn complicated!

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Re: One More Dress Post From Me... How It's REALLY Supposed to Look!

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