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Finally decided on HM destination....

And we have decided to go to Orlando, Florida and spend some time visiting the Disney theme parks and do the other touristy stuff while down there.  It's the week of Easter so it's going to be a little busy but we've found some good deals on hotels right outside of Orlando.  Everything is tripled to stay at the Disney resorts.  I think it will be a fun way to spend our HM and then when we have kids and are old enough to go to Disney world we can embarrass them with our honeymoon stories (g rated of course) lol

Re: Finally decided on HM destination....

  • Congrats! Huge accomplishment!! lol
  • How fun!!!  I've always wanted to go to Disney World.  Be sure to get a pair of those Just Married Minnie Ears!

    Btw, is this post tweaky for anyone else?  I see w+c3s post before Rachel's which really confused me at first!

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  • yes, the knot has been messed up all weekend!
  • That sounds like a lot of fun. We haven't figured out where we are going yet. We may have to take it later when I get a break from school :(
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Finally decided on HM destination....</a>:
    [QUOTE]How fun!!!  I've always wanted to go to Disney World.  Be sure to get a pair of those Just Married Minnie Ears! <strong>Btw, is this post tweaky for anyone else?  I see w+c3s post before Rachel's which really confused me at first!</strong>
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    <div>Yep! It also shows me that you commented on this post -136 minutes ago. I'm ready for things to be working again!</div>
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  • Congrats! I work for Disney and have worked in the Magic Kingdom Easter week, so just as a little piece of advice, make sure that you get to the parks as soon as they open! Our parks reach capacity during Easter week within the first hour or so and once we reach capacity, we only allow Disney resort guests in, and then eventually we stop allowing anyone inside. It will be fun though! All of the Easter things going on in the parks are neat = ) You're going to have a wonderful honeymoon! Definitely get the Bride and Groom ears and stop by Guest Relations to pick up "Just Married" buttons! You never know what kind of magical moments Cast Members will creat for you to celebrate your marriage = )
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  • Congrats! If you are looking for a room discount to stay on Disney property you could always try going to the disboards wedding and honeymoon section.  Disney gives their brides a room block in 3 different resorts for their guests at a discount and occassionally the couples need help filling their blocks to meet their minimum room night requirement.  You could try stopping in on their forums and see if anyone could use help, then you just call the DFTW booking for that couple and voila! discount =)  Also, the Just Married buttons mention by a PP are very hard to come by any more (every disney bride out there has tried hunting them down) since they started a new promotion.  They still have most of the buttons but don't be surprised if you can't find them in the parks (they also have Happily Ever After buttons that are more easily available).  If they are a true necessity for your vacation try looking for them on ebay to guarantee you get them =)

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  • OOO that sounds like sooo much fun!!  I love thoes theme parks!
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  • That will be so much fun. I tried to talk FI into doing a Disney HM and he wouldn't do it. I love the Disney park. You all will have such a great time!!
  • Congrats!!! Disney is awesome!! :)
  • Yay, that sounds awesome!! I've always wanted to go to DW!
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  • My Fiance and I are going to Disney too! = )  but from April 13 for a week!
    I can't wait ! I love disney!!
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