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Bridesmaid gifts

What gifts you giving/thinking of giving to your bridesmaids? Are you giving each one a different gift or are you giving them all the same gifts?

We're having an Indian wedding, so I'm buying sarees for all the girls to wear during the ceremony (they can wear whatever they want for the reception). I also wanted to get them something else so I was thinking of getting each of them an Indian-inspired clutch and then maybe some jewelry for my two MOHs.

Re: Bridesmaid gifts

  • Well, I am giving my BMs jewelry to wear on that day, so it isn't their gift, but in addition to that I'm getting each girl sometthing different:

    MOH (sister)- Charm for her James Avery charm bracelet
    MOH (sister)- don't know just yet 
    2 of BMs- coach wristlets
    BM- shoe gift card
    BM- m*a*c gift card
    BM- VS gift card

    Each gift card is going to be put in a card with a handwritten thank you note. The two writlets will have the note inside them. These are tentative, but I'm pretty sure that is what I plan to do. I've given it alot of thought :)
  • Your gifts sound really nice!  I technically have two girls, but one is our photographer so she's not going to actually walk down the aisle, but I'm still calling her a BM!  Anyway, one is engaged so I'm getting her a tote that has her and her fiance's name and their wedding day on it.  Then for my other girl I'm getting her a mug that says "Maid of Honor Extraordinaire" on it.  And as we go along I'll buy them each little things if I see them and think "This would be great for her!".

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  • I am struggeling with this so much. I don't know why I know all 3 of them really well and normally have no issues getting them gifts. I am just have a block when it comes to this one.
  • In my area it's completely acceptable and normal to give them jewelry for their gift. In fact, I had never even heard of a different gift being given until TK. So, that's their biggest gift. However, I also made them  hangers and BM tank tops. I may do a little something else too, I'm just not positive about what I'd get if I do. I've been keeping an eye out for a cute little clutch or makeup bag, but no luck yet. Regardless, I'm going to do something extra special for my MOH, but I have yet to decide this what I'll get her.
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  • I'm getting my BMs a monogrammed tote, a necklace to wear ith their dresses (I know some people on TK think it isn't appropriate...but it's definitely a necklace that they can wear with many other outfits), a small clutch, and yellow box flip flops that they can change in to at the reception if they want to.
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  • Hey Girls! I am getting my BM's a necklace from Swarvoski Crystal. I bought my 5 BMS the same necklance and maid of honor a different one. They will be able to wear it the day of. Plus, a bottle of wine each. Hopefully they will like it : )
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