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A little RSVP Vent

Okay, I know it's not actually a big deal but I'm a little irritated.

Guest #1  is a cousin I didn't want to invite to begin with.  She's my grandmother's niece and my grandmother really wanted to invite her so I did.  My aunt interacts with her much more often than I do so I asked my aunt to find out if she was coming or not since she hadn't RSVPd.  According to my aunt, my cousin's husband might not be able to make it so she was going to bring her daughter instead.  What?  I don't recall inviting her daughter. I don't mind her daughter coming, but shouldn't she have asked me if that was okay? 

Guest #2 is the divorced father of my MOH.  He has been dating a woman for a few years, but they aren't particularly serious and she recently declined to move in with him.  When I was originally sending out the invites I called to get her last name and he just wanted me to put "and guest" on his invite.  Fine, whatever, I don't care who he brings.   I texted him asking if he decided who he was bringing.  His response was, "still no info about my 'assistant' ...I'm having some trouble in that regard so please bear with me..."  Does that mean he is maybe bringing this woman, he is maybe bringing another woman, or coming by himself? I really want to start on seating charts this weekend.  I'll just stick a blank post-it in for his maybe guest.

 I know it's really not a big deal at all andI shouldn't be irritated about it so I thought posting here might help me get it out of my system.

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Re: A little RSVP Vent

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    i totally understand! it is very annoying!! its kinda like no one gets it and thinks its no big deal. well when your paying $$$ for a plate of food it is a big deal!!!
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  • I got an RSVP filled out with four names and under who was coming it said 2 +/-?

    My mom contacted them and apparently my cousin is coming but he's not sure if just one or both of his daughters are coming.  My numbers are due tomorrow.
  • That sucks.  For people who aren't sure, I would maybe give them a deadline to RSVP by our you are going to have to mark them as a no because you HAVE to have the numbers accounted for.
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