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Is your wedding forecast calling for rain?

If it is (like mine) might I suggest umbrellas for your pictures?

Here's my story. March 17th wedding. Sacramento, CA. No rain, nor a cloud in the sky for weeks! This week, the weather Gods decide to open up a sh*tstorm for this week and my wedding day. Bummed, I decided to look at some rainy-day wedding pictures(clicky!) and get the idea to get some umbrellas to do outdoor pictures. While perusing the interwebs for umbrellas I stumbled across this little gem!(<click there!)
On the Bella Umbrella website you can RENT super cute umbrellas for your wedding!
I just thought that someone may be as thankful for this resource as I am!

I hope someone can get use from this!
Much love, ladies!
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Re: Is your wedding forecast calling for rain?

  • Those are beautiful umberellas.  Prices are reasonable as well.  Our wedding is the 31st of march.  It's been raining all week this week. I'm hoping it goes away by the 31st
  • We are hearing "possible showers" for Saturday here in Philly.  The park we plan on taking pics at has a museum on the grounds, so if it rains we can go inside! Phew!
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  • Ours is calling for scattered showers with high of 68.  Hoping the scattered showers misses us!
  • We have "few" showers possibe. Whatever that means.
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  • I've noticed that the forecast changes daily.  When I first looked, they predicted thunderstorms.  Now, they're predicting temperatures in the mid 70's and sunshine, so who knows what it will be on the wedding day (3/17).
  • 82 degrees with only a 10 percent chance of rain here in Memphis.

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