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How can you get all of this done in 8 hours?

So here is my question.  If a rental is for 8 hours, and you have to get all your decorations done, have a ceremony, have a reception, then "clean up:", how does this all come together?  Who does what? 


Re: How can you get all of this done in 8 hours?

  • It's very do-able.
    How long is your ceremony? I think typically they're around 20mins long (at least ours was).

    Depending on who your vendors are, if you have any, they'll sometimes help with setting things up and breaking things down. 8 hours is plenty of time, just find out what is offered by your vendors (florist - decorations) (caterer - food set up, break down and usually discards trash).

    I would start by trying to come up with a timeline for everything first though, if you don't have vendors that will take care of these things for you. Include things like 'getting ready' if you're getting ready at the venue' and then go through the whole ceremony and reception. At the end, see how much times is left for the break down of things.

    Also, if your booking a private venue, perhaps talk with the owner or manager and ask them how things usually work :o)
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