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If anyone is a fan of gaucho pants. Target has them buy one get one free today, with free shipping! So for a total of $12.82 (depending on tax in your state.. mine was only $.82) you get two pair.
I just bought two pair to take on my honeymoon. I think they are super comfy pants, and they'll be perfect on the cruise ship to wear with my swim suit :)

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  • Awesome!! Thanks!!
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  • OOOoOhhhhh Thanks!!!!

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  • I wish I could wear those! They look so comfy... but they make my butt look like it's about 10 miles wide :(
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  • I too wish I could wear them but I am so short they are more like pants on me!
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    [QUOTE]I too wish I could wear them but I am so short they are more like pants on me!
    Posted by rachel801231[/QUOTE]

    This exactly....
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