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Rain on my Day!

So, I haven't posted on here very much, but I feel like I need to vent to someone who understands why I'm so upset!

I"m getting married this saturday near Houston, TX and there is a big ol' Thunder Storm heading our way! I'm really upset because the ceremony was supposed to be outside, and inside (where the reception will be) doesn't really offer a whole lot of seculded areas to take photos. I've gotten over the idea of having the ceremony on the dance floor (yuck) with only enough room for 60 chairs (out of 150) and the rest of the guests will have to sit at their tables (OMG yuck.), but I'm really upset about not having any good photos.I also hate the idea of having to take them right there in front of everyone during the "cocktail hour". It'll just be awkward, and it'll prevent people from relaxing & having a good time!

We also can't decorate the getaway car, because it'll get washed away.

We also can't do our bubble exit (for obvious reasons).

I'm praying that the rain will be done by the time the wedding starts. We'll still probably have to have the ceremony indoors because of how wet it'll be, but at least we could go outside for a few pictures!!

Okay! That's the end of my rant! I'm going to try to think positively, afterall, I'M GETTING MARRIED! That's what is important, right?! =]

Re: Rain on my Day!

  • It rained on our wedding day and we still had a great outdoor ceremony!  Don't stress too much yet, it's only Wednesday and things may change.  Our supposed thunder storms ended up being a light rain for about 20 minutes that happened 2.5 hours before our ceremony.  

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  • I'm getting married in Houston, too this Saturday. There is like a 1000% chance of rain, best thing is to embrace it as part of your day. Google rainy day wedding photos. Some are adorable! If your photographer is from Houston, this won't be his first rainy day and he will know how to get some good shots :) My mom told me 'A wet knot is harder to untie' :)l
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    [QUOTE] :) My mom told me 'A wet knot is harder to untie' :)
    Posted by rebeccaa12[/QUOTE]
    That is the cutest saying I've heard in a long time!!!
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  • I'm getting married at the end of the month and am worried I'll be in a similar situation. The quote is so sweet though!!!!!!
  • Good luck today. Hopefully it'll stop raining long enough to get pictures.
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