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Out of town guests question

When do you all think is a good time to send notices to the guests that will be traveling from out of town (out of State)? Wedding is 3/25/12 so people would have to take the Monday off of work as well.

Thanks in advance for the help Laughing

Re: Out of town guests question

  • You can send out save the dates up to a year in advance.  About 6 months is more the norm.
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  • For our out-of towners (Half the guest list...sheesh) we are sending them out a year in advance. 

    We decided this far in advance since the out-of-towners are from Ohio and we are "luring" them to Florida for the nice warm spring weather after a long winter.  Plus, my FMIL thinks that they will need some time to save money and that most will use our wedding as a vacation to FL.

  • Thank you both! Laughing
  • I have a March 2012 wedding as well, and my entire family is having to fly down to Arizona for it. I'm going to send out save the dates about a year in advance so everyone can be on the look out for deals on flights and get time off work. I say save the dates about a year, and maybe invitations 6-8 months before :)
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