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Changing My Mind with 74 Days to Go??

So it seems as though it's just now hitting me that I'M GETTING MARRIED!! Ha, anyway, so now all of a sudden I actually know what I want and I'm in full planning (and slightly aggressive towards anyone who gets in my way...ha.) mode. Anyway, so when I originally started planning in September (when we got engaged), I had these ideas for this perfect wedding but had to do a lot of change/sacrifice from the get go due to too many long stories to now I have this image in my head that I think can happen but it involves me changing some colors and such. Is anyone else changing up their original ideas last minute??

Re: Changing My Mind with 74 Days to Go??

  • I changed my colors a few weeks ago because I hated the tablecloths I originally ordered but that's about it. Bottom line, though, it's your wedding. If you want to switch things up to make it your perfect day and you're willing to do the extra work to make it happen then do it!
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  • I haven't made any drastic changes but I say go for it!!  You don't ever want to wonder "what if" on your wedding day or beyond. Make the change now so you can really enjoy everything at your wedding :)
  • I haven't really had any changes either... but i really don't have that much to plan to begin with - that's the beauty of a DW :) 

    I would be careful though on how much you chew off because it's really not that far away!   I'm not sure if you are having BM's but are you planing on changing the color scheme completely, such that it would affect what they wear?  Just a thought.
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  • definetly knew what I wanted from the git go. As long as your haven't paid for a lot of stuff in the old color scheme I say go for the change

  • I changed my colors only after we chose our venue. I always wanted black BM dresses with fuschia and purple decor/flowers. However, once we booked the venue I realized it wouldn't work. So, I opted with light shades of pink and ivory instead. We're getting married in a castle and the soft, elegant color scheme sounded much better. If you haven't purchased or made anything with your original scheme, I'd say go for it! It's your wedding, do what you want. :)
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