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I got my alterations finished yesterday :) I added a french bustle with an added (I don't know how to spell it but it sounds like 'pin-yay'- basically added tulle under in the back under the corset). The french goes inside the skirt instead of outside. Here are pics with the bustle already basically this is what it will look like at the reception:

Sorry, in the pic on the left, my sister was cracking me up!

Do you have a bustle? What kind are you planning to add? Here is a link of different kinds

Re: Bustle?

  • Yours looks great! I'm adding an American bustle. For my dress, which lays really flat, it just made more sense. When it is bustled, it will lay very flat in the back, and the hem will be straight all the way around.

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  • Very prety! I have to do a combo bustle. I think French and something else that I can't remember. 
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  • Mine is supposedly a French bustle... I think they had to modify it slightly since the train of my dress is actually asymmetrical

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  • I will definitely get my dress bustled but haven't figured out which one yet!!
  • Thanks for sharing, y'all! Those are really pretty! I love y'all's dresses, too :)
  • I actually am going tomorrow to get mine done. I am not sure what kind I want to get so I am going to have them try out a few. I don't want to lose the detail on the train with the buselted. I am not sure yet if I am going to use the train or not for the ceremony.
  • My dress is going to have a french bustle but I don't have any pics of it yet
  • I will also be having a french bustle.  I've been a BM where the brides have had both done.  The french stays in place all night!  The american has a tendency to come undone because it is only small hook and eyes that bustle it.  I literally was using a butter knife to try to permanently close the hook and eyes because the brides dress kept coming un-bustled!  The french uses a series of ties on the underside of the dress and as long as if they are tied tightly, no problems!
  • I will be getting a bustle but I haven't a clue. I know it won't be an under bustle. My guess would be a 3 point bustle..
  • I remember deciding I'd want a french bustle when I ordered my dress 6 months ago. It should be here within the next week or two. If it's anything like the boutique I got my BM dresses from though, I'll be waiting for quite some time. :(
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  • I'm not sure what kind of bustle I need or what will look good because my dress is all lace :( Hopefully the seamstress will have suggestions when I go for my alteration appt...

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  • I did the sash bustle. I have a sash that ties around my waist and goes the length of the it kind of just looks like I tied my sash into a bigger bow in the back (some of those pics, especially the one with the blue sash look exactly like mine). It is a very nice effect and doesnt take away from the dress at all!!
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  • I didn't even know there were different types. Oh gosh, one more decision to be made. Woo-hoo!
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