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Bridal Party Question...HELP!!!

My fiancé is having his three brothers for his groomsmen and I am having my two sisters and his sister for bridesmaids…is it okay for his brother and sister to walk down the aisle together or is that weird?

Re: Bridal Party Question...HELP!!!

  • Hmmm...never thought about this.  I think it's only a short walk, no one will think anything of it.  I wouldn't have a problem walking next to my brother in said situation.  You could have everyone walk solo if you wanted to.
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  • I would ask them how they feel about it, but I have my sister as a bridesmaid and my fiance has my brother as a groomsman, and we aren't having them walk together.  We're all very close, but we decided to have them walk with other people.

    If you did it by height, would they fall together?  If not, then maybe think about doing it that way.
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  • I don't see how this is weird at all.  Walking together =/= couple. People should be able to walk alongside their sibling for 30 seconds.  As for a bridal party dance?  Skip this old-fashioned tradition.  Most guests and bridal party members hate this.
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  • I wouldn't worry about it.  There is no implied romantic relationship between bridesmaids and groomsmen.  As PPS have said, ask them individually if they're uncomfortable with it.
  • I dont think its a big deal at all. My MOH and the best man are brother/sister, they will walk together. They can't wait. I think that the times have changed and people really do whatever they feel comfortable with nowadays..
  • I agree w/PP what would be weird about this? Its fine for brother and sister to walk down together

  • What on earth would be strange about it?  I was paired with my brother for my sister's wedding, I didn't think anything of it.  In fact, I was relieved to be walking with someone I knew instead of a stranger.
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  • Not really understanding why this is strange. They are not the couple getting married.
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  • That happens in my family all the time! Is it strange? I don't think so lol!
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  • not strange at all... ex's or something like that would be worse (imo)... i love my bro! I'd walk just about anywhere with him!  (i can't get the italics off... eekk!)
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  • I can't figure out how it would be strange at all.
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    You are seriously overthinking this. 

    Honestly, it's a 25 second walk up the aisle.  There will not be a single, solitary guest who says "OMG!!  Those two are walking up the aisle together at their brother's wedding.  I didn't know they were in an incestuous relationship!"

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  • It's not strange unless you also rented them a honeymoon suite.
  • Is there a make out portion to their walk up the aisle?
  • Along with everyone else, I'm for them walking down together.
    I have recently been in three weddings: my father's, my brother's, and my mother's.  In all of them, siblings have walked down the aisle together, including me with my brother (I've been Best woMan, Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor); it's comfortable for us because, as sibs, we're pretty close and we have a lot of fun -- we're not worried about the person we're walking with.
  • No not "weird" at all. 

    The groomsmen are simply providing an ESCORT for the lady, not pairing up for a date.  Like a parent escorts the bride, an usher or family member escorts the mothers to their seats, etc... 

    It's a quaint custom for formal events to have persons of honor formally escorted.
  • llmw07llmw07 member
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    I don't think that it is weird at all.  I am doing the same thing at my wedding.  For the dance, I think you can still have the bridal party dance, just have the bridal party dance with whoever they want, like the guest that they brought to the wedding. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Bridal Party Question...HELP!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]It's not strange unless you also rented them a honeymoon suite.
    Posted by gottahavashorti[/QUOTE]

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This seriously made me LOL for about five minutes.
  • We're not having them pair up and walk out. For one, FI's best friend happens to be a woman and she's going to be his "best man" if you will. So pairing her with one of my bridemaids would be odd. Also, my 13 year old sister would be paired with one of his 20-something groomsmen. Uncomfortable... So yeah, we're scrapping that and the awkward dance that everyone hates anyways. There's totally nothing wrong with that.
  • My WP isn't even going to pair up down the aisle. I'm going to have all the guys waiting for the girls. Maybe you can do that if this is a problem for you?
  • I think it's fine! If there were a romantic involvement implied, it would make things hard to ever put together the BP you wanted! There's no romantic implications of a paired BP, so go for it.
  • Thanks to everyone for the advice.  I appreciate it. 106 days to go and we're planning on having all our sibblings walking together after all and then we're going to skip the traditional bridal party dance.
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