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Had my hair trial last night and almost had my first 'bridezilla' moment

I went to my regular hairdresser to get my hair dyed and cut, and figure out what style to do.

It did not start out well - she started to dye my hair and said "it's 535G, right?" and I'm still not sure what happened.  I think what happened is I thought she said V and I was agreeing with her, and she thought I was disagreeing and saying 'no it's V, not G' and I couldn't remember and didn't have my old calendar with me that had it written down...

long story short, my hair was the wrong color.  I now know that an orangey blond brown color looks HORRIBLE on me.

I started to freak out but she just grabbed the other stuff and immediately re-dyed it and it looks fine (although I could swear when she curled it later I had way more blonde highlights than I remember having...).  I think that's the closest I've come to going bridezilla - I was like "THIS IS WRONG THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT COLOR AT ALL AAAAAAAHHHHHH"

Because of the color problem, the actual hair trial part ended up being shortened.  Also, the clock in the salon hadn't been pushed forward an hour and so she got behind and had other clients showing up when she wasn't expecting them for another hour!  So it was more of a rough idea, she curled the back and we figured out how to put it up and saw how the tiara and veil would look.  I know it will be more polished next week, but I also need to make sure there's some gunk in my hair first because man was it frizzy.

I also decided not to get my hair cut, just the bangs.  I had a gift certificate my matron of honor gave me for Christmas (she also goes to the same hairdresser) for a cut & color, so the hairdresser told me to come back after the wedding for a free cut.  Works out much better, I will definitely need to get this mass chopped down some.  My hair hasn't been this long since I was a freshman in college (which was...gulp...almost 20 years ago!!!).

Re: Had my hair trial last night and almost had my first 'bridezilla' moment

  • You handled it better than I would have.  I would have been in tears when I saw the color.  I'm getting my hair colored and highlighted the monday before the wedding.  I don't want to get mine cut before the wedding so I will see if they will let me come back after for the cut because it's included in the color and highlighting package.  Glad it all got fixed in the end for you!
  • i would of freaked out to about my hair if it was the wrong color!!!! what a day you had :((
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