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Honeymoon - Pissed off.

We booked our Honeymoon back in September, maybe August?  Anyways we are going to the Hard Rock Hotel in PuntaCana.  We splurged a little bit because we thought oh well at least we get $1500 in resort credits.  I had thoroughly researched what we could all do with the credits BEFORE we booked.  We could use them on excursions, spa, romantic dinners, and the casino.  AND of course these are subject to change.  Well a couple of weeks ago I see that they are no longer letting guests use the credits at the casino.  Ok that sucks a little but whatever. 

Now today I find out that they are taxing us 16% on anything we use the credits for (so if we used all the credits it would be $240)!  I know that this isn't that much money but that's not really the point..... I feel like we were lied to and mislead.  I mean for the amount of money we are paying to stay there for a week I just can't get over this (I want to say it is like $550 a night!)....

I'm so angry I'm even honestly thinking about switching the hotels to something else.... I've wrote on their FB page wall, the trip advisor forum, I have even emailed my travel agent.  I'm just so peeved.

*/end rant
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Re: Honeymoon - Pissed off.

  • That sucks.  I hope everything works out for you.
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  • that really sucks.... hopefully everything works out. they shouldnt of given you that and now all of the sudden change it. i would be calling them directly and complaining
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  • I'd be pretty pissed, too!  Is the hotel all-inclusive?  

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  • Oh no that sucks!! I'm staying in one of their resorts in Mexico and got resort credits but I have a timeshare. I should look into that now and see if we'll be taxed. How did you find out?

    Oh and I almost went to the one your staying at for the honeymoon but changed my mind at the last second.
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