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Can't concentrate at work

Our wedding is two weeks away from today, my bachlorette party is tomorrow, and my bridal luncheon is on Sunday. So instead of working I'm thinking about how excited I am for everything :)  Plus it's nice outside and a Friday so I just don't feel like working anymore. Anyone else at work and not actually working?

Re: Can't concentrate at work

  • Lol, this unfortunately has become a bit of an issue for me. I am getting everything done I have to have done, but not as well, or as efficiently as I could. Thank god I work for a school and will be going on spring break at the end of next week! Hopefully I will get enough done that the 2 days post-break and pre-wedding I can be more work-focused.
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  • I'm not doing anything but telling my students to be quiet while watching Planet Earth. It's the day before Spring Break.
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  • I'm having a lot of trouble staying engaged in my work... sigh.  I'm cutting out early today to drive the 2 hours to Charlotte for my mom's birthday... so just 8 more working days after 4:00 today!

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    [QUOTE]I'm not doing anything but telling my students to be quiet while watching Planet Earth. It's the day before Spring Break.
    Posted by KelaRenee[/QUOTE]

    Lol I miss movie days in school before a vacation!
  • I can't concentrate either.. luckily I'm leaving a little early today :)
    Only 2 more work days for me! (after I get off today)
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  • AH I feel your pain!  It's been super busy the past week and a half at work, so I felt super stressed with trying to focus on work and not the wedding.  Today is slow (thank god), but I find myself on TK or surfing the net instead of finding some work to do! I only have 4 working days left until the wedding!
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  • Yeah....oops. I think I'm heading out soon, and I agree that I'm doing what HAS to be done, but that's about it! Oh well, it's Friday. I can't stop making a mental list of all the stuff I need to do this weekend since it's the LAST one before the wedding! 
  • I can't concentrate at work either and feel your pain!!! I'm getting stuff that needs to get done, done but keep procrastinating on all the other longer-term projects! I wish work could give a paid leave of absence for a couple weeks before the wedding. :)
  • i have two weeks to go as well and i cant wait!!! i also think everyone i work with is super exicted to which helps :)
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  • I totally understand.  I've just been so flighty and kind of freaking out and I want to finish up last minute things and look at honeymoon stuff instead of working!  I also keep having mini panic attacks.  

    Thankfully Sunday will be my last day and then I'm off until after Easter.  SO looking forward to the honeymoon!!!!
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