March 2012 Weddings

SO over it!

This week is already going by sooo slowly and it's only Tuesday! I **thought** I had FINALLY finished my seating chart and printing all the escort cards, then FI tells me one of his friends and his ex GF are "talking" again and would like to sit with each other. UGH.

I have my daughter all week this week cause her dad couldn't watch her, and as much as I love having her around this is not the week for it. Between having to leave work earlier every day to go pick her up, helping her with her HW, answering all her questions about everything under the sun, cooking dinner, running wedding errands, and FI asking me about other logistical questions, I AM ABOUT TO SCREAM!!

I have already had to stop typing to answer another one of DD's questions. About nothing. Oh, and she lost another tooth today so I have to remember to do the tooth fairy thing before I pass out.

And if ONE more person tells me I look sunburnt I am going to punch them in the ear. I think I look fine but they are freaking me out.

Oh, and on top of all of that, I still haven't gotten my period which I should've started over the weekend. Awesome. Even if I got it now, I'd still have it at the wedding. FML. So I'm probably PMSing which is not what anyone needs right now.

I want this wedding to be here already. I am really looking forward to the HM above anything else right now. At least then I'll be able to relax!

Re: SO over it!

  • Dont you stress....I had to redo my guest list and I only have 4 days and now people are coming up with every reason on why they cant come....I just said no problem and keeping it moving...Dont let people dictate your feelings and move on girl.....
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