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My MOH sucks! LONG

I really am not sure why I choose her!  I had posted a while ago about how all she has done is complain about the dress, the shoes, how she can't wear flip flops during the ceremony, etc.  Well today she calls me wanting to know what time we had to be at the church.  I told her 12 (after I called, text and facebooked her and everyone else all times etc).  She is all worried about what her boyfriend is going to do while she's getting ready and with me and my bridesmaids.

He is driving an hour and a half that day to be her date to the wedding.  Her mom is going so I suggested that he just go to her house and go to the wedding with her (he's met her several times before).  Well she said he's too shy and doesn't want to do that.  He is also hanging out at the church after the wedding while we do photos because he doesn't want to go ahead to the reception without her. He knows her family and they will all be there!

Now she is saying he may come early and just wait.  Well he's not hanging out with us while we get ready. Then she's saying she'll just tell him to leave later so he shows up at 3 and she can go hang out with him before the wedding starts
(3:30) and show him where to sit.  I'm not saying she has to be in there but I thought MOH's were suppose to help the bride and give her moral support and help calm her nerves?  I thought that's what best friends were for!

To top it off we had talked about going together Thursday evening or Friday night to get our nails done together and hang out.  She said today her and her sister were going to get their nails done and if I wanted to come I could. 

I am trying not to sound bridezilla or be petty but I guess I just feel really disappointed by my MOH.  I know in reality all she has to do is buy a pretty dress and show up on the day but I really thought it would be a little more than that. 

Re: My MOH sucks! LONG

  • That is pretty crummy. Have you told her how important it means to you to have her there?

    To me it just sounds like she is pulling the my boyfriend is important ditch everyone card and can't figure out how to get out of this. H's best man drove from KY with his fiancee, my BM's fiancee drove  with her from VA to here and neither one of them complained or asked to be a part of anything. H's best man's fiancee just hung around during pictures but that was it.

    I would just maybe have a heart to heart with her, explain that you really wanted her and needed her to be around - don't get mean/snotty about it or scream and cry but just really talk with her. Maybe there is something going on with her she hasn't told you?

    Either way - that really stinks that she isnt being more supportive.
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  • Sorry to hear that. It sounds like she just wants to spend time with her boyfriend and isn't paying attention to the fact that she should be spending time with you. I would just sit her down and talk to her. Tell her how you're feeling. You don't want this to be an issue forever.

    When my MOH was in her best friend's wedding, her friend treated her like total crap. They didn't speak after that for months. That would make me feel terrible if that was to happen to me and any of my girls.
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  • Wow, rachel!
    That is awful that your MOH is putting you in that position.
    Sounds a little too much like one of my MOH!
    I would like to think that if the shoe were on the other foot and it was MOH getting married and she had asked me to be her MOH, I would do anything in my power to make her day as fabulous as possible. Wouldn't you? I guess there are just some women out there who are out for #1 24/7.

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