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My FMIL is driving me batty...vent, needless to say

Sooooo, my FMIL has been driving me crazy lately. My FI is an only child who did not grow up with a dad so my FMIL is a little bit controlling. She got SO upset when she didn't come to our STD pictures and then we went to scout locations in Vegas and she gave my FI the BIGGEST guilt the. world. Then, the other day, I was at DB with my FI just looking at bridesmaidy/mother of the bride..groom dresses (I already have my bridesmaids dresses but I like to look at DB for accesory or whatever), and said I thought one of the MOG dresses was pretty.

Anyways, today his mom calls him and says she found a dress. I am TOTALLY ok with that, if she wants to pick a dress on her own go for it, however, my FI in his infinite wisdom said to her that I had liked one and I wanted her to buy that one (that was not said but apparently that is how he took it). Anyways, an argument ensued and she said that I never call to tell her about when me and my mom hang out and do "girly stuff" (FIRST, can I tell you how much that has pissed me off because I have invited her to EVERYTHING and what I havent invited her to I apologized til I was blue in the face i.e. the vegas scouting trip)

So, my FI now feels like he is "in the middle of this", which I told him there is nothing to be in the middle of because I just found out about this. I truly don't have problems hanging out with my FMIL but YES I do want my FI is just easier, I am not her daughter. It is not like I am going to form this tight relationship with her overnight, these things take TIME. Plus, I have my mom and I am SO close with her that it is hard to have someone else trying to come in as a "2nd mom" (which I have a stepmom so I got moms coming out of my ears).

My FMIL is making ALL of the flowers for the ceremony because we are using silk, so its not like I havent asked her to be involved (my mom is definitely not DIYing anything). Also, I give my mom more say not only because she is my mom but because she is paying...for everything.

I have just become so frustrated with this lately and it creates fights between my and my FI that are not necessary. PLUS, I am at work and all of this has to come up , I have my own office but its still so uncomfortable.

I just needed to vent, I am sorry if this was super long a boring but I have to say something to someone else who aren't related to my FI or me...

Hope you ladies are having a great Saturday.
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