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FSIL Rant (loooong!)

I am seriously at my wits end with my FSIL.  She's just such a rude, conniving little b*tch and I'm fairly certain that when she moved out of the main house and into the guest house she took a lot of MY stuff with her.  She always just LOVED to manipulate situations that turns me into a bad person and then tells everyone else in the family what a b*tch I am... like when she told her Mom that we planned our wedding during her pregnancy to keep her from coming... um, no wench, we planned our FEBRUARY 2012 wedding - remember the original date I wanted was Feb. 29th - in FEBRUARY of 2011.  MONTHS before she got pregnant.  And I'm sorry, if we change our date anytime it conflicts with someone we'd never get married.

Anyway, we have a leaky dishwasher and for some reason FSIL and FI decided to put bleach in it.  I think there were bugs in it since we never use it but why they used bleach is beyond me.  Anyway, now our dishwasher leaks bleach water.  I walked into the kitchen one day to see one of my nice green towels that I bought less then a year ago under the dishwasher completely discolored from the bleach.  This towel was part of a set and, yeah, I was upset that she did that, but Iet it go and told FI to just make sure they use the junk towels instead of the nice towels (we have a bunch of towels that I bought at a garage sale that I use to clean up my rat cage and dog messes that are frayed and have some holes in them).  And I'm not picky, I'll still use a towel even with bleach stains so it wasn't *that* big of a deal.  But then the towel disappeared and in it's place went... ANOTHER one of my nice new towels!  I then asked FSIL why she kept using the nice towels and she said "I just grab the first towel I see".  Really?  Gah, idiot.  And then I asked her what happened to the first towel she ruined and she said "I threw it away".  

So, I asked her not to use my towels anymore, period.  And to not throw away anything that doesn't belong to her.  If she wants to clean up her bleach messes she can use her own.  So she tells me if I don't want her to use my towels to take my towels and put them in my room.  Until this point I had no issue sharing my towels, but since it seemed she wasn't willing to not ruin my towels I decided to keep them in our room, as she suggested.  Well.... here's the thing.  My FFIL had only 2-3 towels in this house when we moved in.  And his are kind of old and thin, definitely no as nice as my new fluffy big towels.  When FSIL moved in she didn't bring any as far as I can tell.  So I went to gather up all of my nice towels and I couldn't find ANY of them.  FI and I have been using the rat towels (they are clean, don't worry!) for the past week until the other day when I noticed FSIL was doing a towel load and sure enough, they were all of my missing towels!  She had SEVEN of my towels in her house.  SEVEN!?!?!  Really?  So, I did what she suggested.  I grabbed my towels and put them in our room.

Flash forward to the next morning.  At about 7AM we get a knock on our bedroom door and it's FSIL looking for the towels that were in the dryer.  I informed her that, as per her suggestion, I had taken all of my towels and put them in our bathroom.  She gets all pissed off and says something like "They aren't all yours!  Those towels came from our vacation home!"  Um... no.  I can tell you where and when I got every freakin' towel I own and every towel I had was mine.  I told FI to go ahead and "lend" her a towel.  She then proceeds to call me a b*tch.

Seriously, I wanted to go off on her.  When she moved she also took every spice we had in the ktichen... most of which were mine.  I'm also missing every single hand and face towel I own (about a dozen of each), and these neat little homemade "unpaper towels" I used to sell back in the day.  I guarantee you I could go into her house and find dozens of my belongings in there. But I know if I do that, or even say anything about it, it'll somehow be twisted to make her seem like the innocent little victim and me the bad guy.  It just pisses me off.  Everyone knows she evil but no one will stand up to her.  And it pisses me off.

End Rant.  Thanks for listening!

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