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March 31st brides

We are finally in the teens now.  19 more days!  What do you have left to do?
I still have a list!

Order flowers (mom is doing them so we don't need to do that till this week)
Buy cake topper
Finish bridesmaids gifts
Get the rest of the candy for the Candy buffet
Get two more glass vases for centerpieces
Get fireplace mantle decorations
Finish photo collage
Pick up my dress on the 21st
finalize music for the DJ
Finish bows for pews
Get ring bearer pillow (or stuffed animal)

I am sure there are a few items I am leaving out but the list is slowly dwindling!

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    oh what do i have left to do??
    -pick up my dress th 21st (i see i'm not the only one- does that stress you out rachel?)
    -finish bridal party gifts
    -seperate who is taking what to the venue (my DOC is taking some and I am taking some)
    -get my I DO stickers for my shoes
    -get frame for thumbprint tree & a small wastebasket for the wipes
    -finish tying ribbon on the bubbles
    -finsih signage
    -write seating chart on vintage windows
    -get cake cutting set
    -enjoy my bachelorette weekend!!
    -enjoy my wedding!

    i am sure there is more!! but i can't think of what else.... it's down to the wire!!
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  • Organize all wedding day items that need to go to the venue. I had it done, but FFIL needed to take a couch out of our basement... which all our stuff was stored on. FI moved everything.. its a lil bit of a disaster, but it could be worse. This will be how I spend this Friday night! wooo!

    wrap BP gifts. I need to wait til all BP gifts arrive from that magical place called the internet, but I already have the bags etc. Everything should be here by next weekend. Hooray!

    Finalize photo booth proofs. Today.

    Pick up dress 3/23!

    Im pretty freaking pumped that I have two weeks to enjoy the excitement. My guest start arriving next weekend, so I'm happy I'll have time to enjoy it!


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  • march 31 bride here too.. feels like things are finally coming together and we can remember the actual purpose of the wedding!!!
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