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So, I understand 2012 seems like a long way away.. I get that.  But I am planning my wedding from another state, so I think time is crucial.  I just got off of the phone with possibly the rudest vendor I have ever spoken to.. for anything!  It was the owner of a venue, and he flat out refused to give me a quote.  In his exact words, "No, I won't even give you a quote because for all I know, our prices could go up 40% by 2012.  And with the cost of gas I have no idea how much it will cost for the food (gas and food are two things I find only mildly related..).  Actually I think it's absurd you would even ask."  Excuse me!?  Asking around regarding pricing for a wedding is ABSURD??  Ouch.  This jerk kind of actually hurt my feelings. 

Anyone else get any negative vibes from any vendors??
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  • This is exactly why I booked in 2010 for my 2012 wedding.  I wanted to lock them into pricing.  I found most vendors very welcoming.  My venue is actually already booked for every Saturday in March 2012.  If I were you I'd post this on your local board to warn other brides in the area to stay away from this jerk!
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  • I know (at least in my general area) vendors cannot give you a more set price until a year in advance. Though, he could have given you a general price range from what it is at now and then said something like the prices can change.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that...I think some people just are rude by nature.

    Not all vendors are like that...hope you can find the good ones!!!
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  • I am surprised the venue wouldn't give you a quote for 2012.  I know some vendors, like my photographer, will only accept bookings for events 13-14 months from the event or under, but the venue is a different story.  There are venues in NJ that are accepting bookings for 2013!  Think about it..2013!  Holy crap that seems so far away!!

    Don't let him hurt your feelings.  This is a great time for you to say FU to the vendor and move on.  Take your business elsewhere.
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  • Wow, that is absurd. Most vendors I speak to are very eager to get me to sign on the dotted line quickly. Some people are just stupid- in addition to 2012 really not being THAT far away, they need to take into consideration that March is EARLY 2012. I would just drop that vendor fast from consideration & look else where.
  • in wedding time 2012 is not that far away more and more engagements are lasting 2+ years to give couples time to save and pay for the wedding
  • I wouldn't trust a vendor who won't give you a quote for 2012. Aren't people always encouraging us that the more time for planning the better?

    We booked our venue this past summer and our date is 3/3/12, because we wanted the ample time to plan-and to lock in the price. However, a couple of
    dress shops, and flower shops I have called, just wanting a ballpark price range also gave me the cold shoulder for calling so 'early.' But hey, I don't think it's too early for any of this! I recently ordered my dress and it's not supposed to be in until next April-not including alts. so I figure the more time the better!
  • I would never work with a vendor who would give you an attitude like that. March 2012, is not that far away at all. I have booked my venue, church, photographer, ordered my dress, met with my florist for pricing and meeting with dj's starting this weekend. Not one vendor I have come across have given me an attitude.... they actually said you're smart for booking ahead.

    I understand it is not around the corner but I am locking in all 2010 pricing. Most of the vendors are going up atleast 20% in 2011. So I am saving a ton of money being able to plan ahead.

    I am sorry that you had to go through that, but don't think you can't book ahead!

  • Seriously? Btw, I realize this thread was started a month ago, but still. 1 year and 4 months. REALLY?

    Like PPs I hope that you reported them and let others in your area know! I mean, I can kind of get if it was December 2012 maybe...but a ballpark estimate is all you were asking for!

    I also don't think it's that early. We technically haven't started planning yet, but we've only been engaged for a month & a half. We were going to start doing that in January.
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  • That's crazy.  A lot of weddings are planned years in advance.  Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I bet not all of the engagements last.  If a vendor booked a couple people a year, and required a non refundable deposit, they could make money on people booking early and then having a change of heart and losing their deposit  They should consider that when worried that their prices will go up after making a quote on prices..
  • I can't say that I have received any negative responses as of yet. But that does bring me to another issue in regards to being rude.

    I was going to start a new thread, but I don't know how it would be received and I am not trying to be a pot-stirrer. Please PLEASE let's agree to be snarky-free here. As some of you know many of these Knot boards are loaded with rude, immature, and pointless behavior. It makes me wonder how some of the brides found love in the first place.

    Sorry for post-jacking the thread, but I saw "rude" and had to say my peace.
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