Don't remember

It's been such a long time since I signed up I really can't remember if I introduced myself on here because nothing was completely official.
Well now it is so hi again.
I have so much to do.
I have lurked when I had the chance but time to do anything has been a problem.
Any suggestions how to streamline and save time would be appreciated.
We have to do pretty much everything at this point. Except a venue. We know where it's going to happen.

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    Rally the troops!!  MOB, MOG, MOH and bridesmaids - time for a lunch date - share the stress!  Make sure everyone understands your vision and have them help do the screening and narrow your choices! Then you don't have to weed through the masses of options.  OR get a planner or coordinator to do this - it 's worth the money for the time and headache saves! Set DIY dates if you're trying to keep the budget and have the point person for that part of the wedding assemble all of the ingredients for a specific task for that date.  It's a great way to visit and get things done. Think slumber party or pot luck with the girls!! PM me for more suggestions!
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