I just bought my dress at Fantastic Finds.  I have heard that their alterations are super expensive.  Can anyone weigh in on this?  I will probably only need some hemming, the bustle and I might like to add 1 strap (it's strapless now).

Are there any other seamstresses you can recommend?

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    When I got my prom dress there in 2005 I remember it being a little pricey, but that depends on what you want to spend. I remember having to argue with the seamstress about things, such as putting cups in my dress that I did not want OR need but she insisted be there and charge me for and a few other things that she wanted to do it seemed just to get more money. I am not sure if it was because it was a prom dress or if that is truly how they are. I ordered my dress at The Wedding Belle in Okemos and have heard nothing but great things about their seamstress - and when I ordered my dress I was told it would only be about $200-$300 for alterations which included my bustle a hem and a few other things. They do take dresses from other shops so maybe try them? Hope this helps! :)
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    Yeah, I'm doing my alterations out of Fantastic Finds and they will be $275 minimum. But, they include taking in from the top to the hips, cups, hem & bustle. She told me it shouldn't go to more than $350, so we will see. :)
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