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Just wondering if any Lansing brides have any insight into a wedding at the Radisson in Lansing? We are thinking this might be our spot, but haven't been to a wedding there or heard much about it, fill me in!

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    I've looked into the Radisson as well, but like you, I haven't been to any weddings there. I'd love to hear if anyone has any insight as well.
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    There was a knottie that had her reception there a year or so ago.  Here is a link to her review on the Wedding Channel:


    I hope that helps.  You could probably search her screen name and find other comments she may have made about the Radisson.
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    I am using them for my wedding. So far, they have been great! Their communication is awesome - get back to you same day and answer as many questions as you have, which I always have a lot :-) I like the area where the reception is, you are the ONLY wedding there upstairs, so you don't have to hear other music from receptions and other crowds.

    Good Luck!!

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