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Quick question! I am coming in town from Nebraska for a long weekend to see all my family. We are going dress shopping for me and my bridesmaids since most are from this area. What are the BEST places to go since I won't have that much time this trip. Thanks!!!

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    I can not recommed Becker's Bridal enough! They are great. Not pushy.  I worked with Mona. She knew my budget and didn't try to sell me anything over it. I ended up getting a beautiful dress that I love fo $1 under budget! No stotage fees either.I ordered my dress in late May, and it arrived in 5 weeks with out a rush order. They are in Fowler, MI which is about a 1/2 Northwest of Lansing. Worth the drive!!!Good Luck!
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    I've heard good things about Lett's Bridal and Fabulous Finds.I also just heard about Becker last weekend too though...
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    I got my dress and my bridesmaids dresses at Beckers.  They have a huge selection in all sizes which is nice.  They also give discounts for if you pay in full, the mom's got discounts since I bought my dress there and that type of thing.  The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was a little thing.  They didn't really need to do many alterations on my dress so they were totally done about 6 weeks before the wedding.  I was kind of expecting to keep my dress there till the week of the wedding but they really didn't want me to.  I didn't really have the best spot in my house to store it but it worked out fine. 
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    I got my dress from Fantastic Finds and was so happy with the experience, but I would agree to check out Beckers too. The Wedding Belle in Okemos is supposed to be nice too; from what I've heard they have a more expensive selection but also some deals.
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    I have heard Becker's Bridal is fantastic.  And speaking of fantastic, Fantastic Finds has an incredible selection in all sizes. 
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    I love Becker's Bridal! I've shopped around and I think they are my favorite! I am really contemplting buying a dress froma there. I am just scared to committ so far away!
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    Fantastic Finds is where I got my dress and I had a wonderful experience. I worked with two of the consultants (Kim Dubay and Michelle Knight) and they were both very helpful and knowledgeable. I do recommend that you make an appointment with them though to make sure that you get someone that is guaranteed to help you the whole time you are there. I recommend them as they carry dresses from designers that are not quite so mainstream so I thought they had the most unique (and largest) selection. GL!
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