I recommend W.E.D. as a wedding planner

I used W.E.D. as my wedding planner and they were great! I never thought I could afford a wedding planner, but W.E.D.'s rate was unbelievably good. And boy, did I get my money's worth! It rained like a monsoon at my wedding and the planner dealt with all of the crappy stuff that resulted from it in a timely manner and at no extra charge, despite the huge amount of work. Plus, she played hard ball with the vendors, when I know I wouldn't have been able to do the same.

Re: I recommend W.E.D. as a wedding planner

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    Lynn was amazing to work with when DD got married last May.  We didn't use a coordinator with the first 2 DD's who got married, but I really needed the help, and she was worth every single penny and then some. I have one single DD - I've already told her that when her time comes, I would Lynn to help us again.  She was impressed with her sister's wedding and said sure!
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    Lynn & Matt at W.E.D. are awesome! I highly recommend them as well!
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    Thanks! I was actualy going to contact them this week about DJing my wedding...anywone used them for that yet?
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    I'm using their full package of services, DOC, Decor and DJ and I'm beyond happy with everything. I can't believe the price and they work really hard and are super accessible for questions. I can't recommend them enough!
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