photos on campus during fball game?

Hi girls - I am getting married next year and there will be a home football game, has anyone tried to get pics around campus during this? I am guessing the game will be at noon and my wedding won't start until 5ish ....what do you think any luck getting pics minus the tailgaters? Thanks!

Re: photos on campus during fball game?

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    I think it all depends on where you are going to get pics. If you are doing the gardens it should be fine. Around the Stadium may be another story. While there probably not be many tailgaters left after a noon game, there will be trash and all that other stuff that they need to clean up. Good Luck :)
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    You're doing labor day weekend, right? If it's a random school and not like Western or Central, I think it should be pretty decent compared to Big Ten games. North campus and the gardens will be the cleanest locations.
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    Thanks girls, I think it is going to be western michigan...yes it is labor day weekend.
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