Photography DD?

Looks like the only post from the excited bride to be gushing about her photographer has been deleted.Good eye to the poster who took the time to point out why this photographer wasn't really up to par.  It is only fair for other brides to know that.

Re: Photography DD?

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    She had two threads.  The first one where she commented that she was getting married at Whitehall or something like that.  Then she posted a new thread about getting married at a Sandals resort and asking about info on their photographers. 
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    That was me. I hope that I wasn't too harsh but I feel that the work was sub-par and with so many new "photographers" that have never taken a class and don't know how to use their cameras in manual mode the knot boards really need a professional eye looking at some of these people that are given rave revues. I'm sure there are many upset brides that wish they had come up with $1500 - $2000 or more instead of spending $500 for junk from someone who has no idea how to shoot a wedding. It's not like any other area of photography. The stress can be high and organization is more than important. No second chances.
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    No - your post was spot on and I was glad you posted it.
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    Easyeyes: Dont worry about being too harsh. You just spoke your opinion. It's fine. I was just trying to voice mine. I'm happy with my pictures...and the work that I paid for and that's all the matters. Others may not like her work and that is fine. I was just trying to share my experience to help someone out that may want it. No hard feelings though. I just deleted the post because some girls were getting to huffy puffy about it. I've learned some neat money saving tips from people on here. I was just sharing mine. :)
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    Mary... It's hard to consider a post about a vendor when that person has never posted before.  Most people introduce themselves to our group and ask for help before just posting vendor info.  We do have a lot of vendors that try to sneak on our board and post info about themselves and pose as a bride.  Like the bride "dreamplanner" who only posted when people talked about flowers or a wedding planner.  Well, it is obvious that that person wanted to be a wedding planner.So maybe you should introduce yourself before just posting.  Or if there are any newbies out there or board stalkers...introduce yourself.
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