Ipod wedding?

I'm sorry to maybe sound like a novice...but I've seen several people on here talk about Ipod music for their wedding. I'm confused about that. Obviously I know what an Ipod is....but do you have the DJ download music on an ipod...or just have a friend play the music? How does an Ipod wedding work exactly??

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    Yes, you would just put a friend in charge of playing music off your ipod in lieu of paying for a DJ.
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    I didn't really get it either at first, but now I plan on doing it! It will save us tons of money and I have a friend who used to be a DJ who will be in charge, so I hope ebverything works out. But we aren't going to have the ipod play at the actual wedding. We were think of actually hiring people to play the bagpies. I think an ipod wedding is a great idea, but I don't know enough about them.
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    Ipod weddings work differently depending on the skills of the friend put in charge of the ipod and the house system you're using for sound. Their savings can also vary depending on the quality of the sound system you'll have to work with. If you have to rent speakers it significantly reduces your savings. But the basic concept is as pp said you load up your ipod, plug it into your venue's av system and your friend sits by it all night and runs the controls. I know it can be a significant savings for some people and work well enough with certain wedding styles, however, I would really think about things that are covered by a professional dj or band before going that route. With DJ services come quality sound systems, lighting, mics for speeches etc. As well as someone with experience reading the crowd and responding accordingly with new music to keep people on the dance floor and adjusting the volume and lighting appropriately. They also emcee the event including introducing the wedding party, anouncing the dances, the cake cutting, etc. I also personally don't like asking friends and family to do tasks like this, or hair for the day of, or flowers etc. It's a personal choice but i don't want to cut into my friends and families enjoyment of the day by making them responsbile for something so important that they can't mingle etc. The friend running the ipod wouldn't get a lot of time to dance, watch the events like the cake cutting and hang out with other friends and family (again depending on how closely you want your event to be to a traditional wedding and how much you want them to act like a traditional dj would). Also if they don't do a good job, meet your expectations, the venue av is having problems will that affect your relationship with your friends? Will you stay upset with them after the mess up a part ofyour big day? I didn't want to have to worry about all of these issues so I hired a pro. I'm sorry this is so long but this was an option I had thought a lot about to save money and discarded for a lot of reasons despite my budget and I thought I should share some thoughts.
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