Private b-pic sesh in Lansing:

Hey ladies- Detroit knottie here! 
I'm having b-pics done with Amy Boeve in Lansing sometime AFTER May 6 (but before 5/20, for sure) on a weekday (to work with her schedule) 
I'm open all day or night- I can take a day off of work no prob. 
Is anyone interested in getting b-pics done? Amy's website is www.amyboevephotography.com and she's really done GREAT work with b-pics. 
If you're interested in b-pics sometime in the next month with Amy, we could split the cost of a hotel room- woot! Email me for more details/ with any questions! 
hippie4yahweh [at] yahoo [dot] com 
Thanks ladies! 
Steph and Chris, 6/26/10
Planned Executed

Re: Private b-pic sesh in Lansing:

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