How much to tip the pastor?

Can someone please share how much they are "tipping" their pastor for officiating at their wedding?

Our pastor is my fiance's childhood pastor (my fiance's parents still attend the Church, and the pastor is good friends with my fiance's dad) and he will be marrying us at a location about 30 minutes away from the Church.  Since we do not live in Michigan, we have only spent one hour with him so far for pre-marital counseling.  In total, I think he will spend about 6-7 hours on our wedding (driving back and forth, rehearsal, ceremony, preparing, etc).

The Church secretary wasn't able to give an estimate donation, as donations go directly to the pastor and not to the Church.  Another pastor suggested a $150-200 donation.  This sounds a bit high to me considering we're getting married in the suburbs of Michigan and that we're not going for hours upon hours of marriage counseling. Please let me know if $150-200 is in the ballpark for a Michigan wedding of this type.

Thanks in advance!!!  :)

Re: How much to tip the pastor?

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    Hey! How is your wedding planning coming along?

    I have heard similar prices, and that's what we plan our giving our pastor. We only will have had 3 hours of marital counseling - so not much either. At our church it's considered a donation to the church so a little different than in your case.

    I'd be curious to know what other knotties think also?

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    I believe that we are doing $100.00 and then a special gift for our priest. :) 

    Hope this is helpful!
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    Thanks, girls!

    Megan - I tried to private message you a few weeks ago but I guess that didn't turn out so well!  I can't believe our weddings are just around the corner!  How is everything going with you?  Hope everything is going just as planned for you!  :)
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    I got your PM!! I just got it really late! I am rarely on here anymore but find myself checking it a lot lately since I trying to cram in last minute things.

    It's going well! Getting a little stressful again :) How are you doing?
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