Bridesmaids Dress Makers Help!

I am looking for someone to make my bridesmaids dresses. I have a picture of the dress that I want, but the only place I can find it at is on one of those websites that look like a scam site, so I wanted to find someone local to make it. Does anyone know any dress makers in Pittsburgh? I've called about 20 people that stores have referred and they all say they dont make dresses anymore. Help!

Re: Bridesmaids Dress Makers Help!

  • Anita Stich in Whitehall makes custom dresses.  Not sure on the cost or anything though.
  • Call The Fabric Place in Mt.Lebanon. They recommended 2 dress makers. I am having my Bridesmaid dresses made as well and am using one they gave us.

    I will have to check with my mom - she has the business card and I can pass along the info in a day or so !

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