The University Club - Heritage Room - Worth it?

Hey everyone!

I am a Grand Rapids resident who will be getting married this summer. I am really interested in the University Club in East Lansing and had my heart set on their ballroom. However, the date that I want the ballroom is already reserved, and currently date is more important. 

The Heritage room is available, and I have gotten more photos from the rep there of different angles an such. It is beautiful, but I was wondering if any of you have toured it, booked it or gone to a wedding in it, and if so - what was your experience?

My other concern is that it is apparently large enough for over 300 people, and my guest list is max 200. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything is valuable :)

Re: The University Club - Heritage Room - Worth it?

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    I haven't been in the U Lcub since they remodeled, but you can never go wrong with the food and you will have a beautiful view out of the windows.

    If you are conerned about the size, you may want to look at Walnut Hills Country Club.  Their banquet facilities are open to the public and it is a lovely facility.  The ballroom holds 200, so it should be just the right size.
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    I am having my wedding reception in the Heritage room in a few months.  I have dreamed of having my wedding reception in that room since I was a little girl.  You should visit the room and see if it fits your style.  If you are worried about the room being too big I don't think that will be a problem.  There is a fire place area that you could have as a sitting area or bar.  We will be having more people so we will have to have tables in that area and the bar in a separate room.  Good luck with your decision and I strongly recommend the U-Club!
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