Charlar Place?

Does anybody have any experience with Charlar Place in Holt? We were thinking of doing the ceremony & reception there, and just wondering if anybody had any insight on that venue. Thanks!

Re: Charlar Place?

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    edited December 2011
    We had looked at Charlar last summer when we first really started planning. It's not a bad place. Definitely a budget-friendly option. Were you planning on getting married indoors or outdoors? The thing that turned us off to Charlar was that we wanted an outdoor ceremony, and their outdoor ceremony site was a) WAY too small to accomodate our 165 guests, and b) pretty unkept. The pond nearby was all green and mucky. Could have just been because it was early in the summer and they hadn't cleaned it yet. 

    We ended up going with Eagle Eye Golf Club because for what we would have paid at Charlar, we got a bit "nicer" of a venue. 
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