Let's get to know eachother

I know there is a get to know eachother post at the top of the board but I feel like this board is really slow compared to the other boards I spend time on. Would you all be interested in having this board be a little more active with like month signature challenges and different fun activities?
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Re: Let's get to know eachother

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    Go for it! There was a big push for that while ago so gailpete and I became moderators but I kind of failed. She's been great but I know this board could use all the help it can get! Since my wedding is over and I've already requested removal of my moderator status - would you be interested in the job? :)
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    I would gladly do it; just hope more people would come around. I know my month board is really active and alot of fun. So it would be nice to have the same thing with a local board.
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    Totally agreed! I feel like there is a lack of information about what's available in the Lansing area, so more board participation would be great!
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    I'd like that!  I rarely even check this board because it is so slow.
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