photographer nightmare - do NOT use

I've posted before but seeing that I am continually dealing with this horrible photography studio (15 months after our wedding!) I want to warn other brides. We used Miller Studios in Holt. A year and three months later we still don't have our albums that we paid for within a week of our wedding. I've had to threaten to sue to get them to even return calls or e-mails. It's entirely not worth it, and they are the most unprofessional studio I've ever dealt with. Our photos are gorgeous, but the stress of dealing with them is NOT worth it. Hope you make better vender choices than I did and have a wonderful day! Smile

Re: photographer nightmare - do NOT use

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    I remember seeing them at a bridal show and I just felt like they were very pushy and I just got a "vibe" off of them thinking they were bad news. So glad that I trusted my instincts and booked with Kristy Photography insteaad. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles with them!
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