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I am going for a vintage garden themed wedding and my girls are wearing a champagne tea length dress with a fuschia sash. (http://www.dessy.com/dresses/bridesmaid/6501) I'm having a hard time finding shoe to go with them that aren't too expensive (Under $50)

We originally wanted to find a floral peep toe heel, but this has proven not so easy to find.

Does anyone know of any websites and/or stores that would help me in my quest?

Also, any additional ideas for shoes would be extremely helpful!


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    Payless sells dyeable shoes, and they would probably be around fifty full price, but I know a friend who bought them during a BOGO so they were even cheaper. Also you can dye them whatever color you want. http://www.unforgettablemoments.com/Women_c_28.html
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    I saw a bunch of floral print shoes at both Macy's and Yonker's at Meridian Mall. Good Luck!
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    I have worn shoes from Payless that were dyeable for a wedding before and they were not the most comfortable shoes. I would make sure that all of the girls are comfortable in them! Just because I was not comfortable does not mean anything, but I would just make sure that all girls are comfortable, especially since I wasn't even asked!

    I would also check out zappos.com I have heard great things about this website and they allow you to send them back without having to pay for shipping again! That way you could see what they look like!

    Hope that is helpful, and GOOD LUCK! :)
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    I saw some floral peep toes at David's Bridal last weekend.  You could also check Kohl's or DSW.
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    Check out zappos.com, heels.com, gojane.com, and dsw.com.
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