Outdoor Recption venue in Lansing Area

Does anybody have any ideas for great outdoor fall venues for a reception?  Looking for fun and casual but that still fits in with the fall theme.  Any ideas would be helpful :)

Re: Outdoor Recption venue in Lansing Area

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    I know you can have a wedding in the MSU Hornicultural Gardens on campus.
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    I know the Woldumar Nature Center does weddings as well.
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    There is a gorgeous venue in Holt called Charlar Place. They have a pond and two arches along with a waterfall. The landscaping is simple yet elegant. They also do their own catering and have a nice sized venue for receptions, etc. You can check it  out at the link below:


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    Charlar Place in Holt IS beautiful, however I would never recommend that venue to anyone who wants a fun, stress-free wedding day. We looked into this venue and the woman who met us to show us around was very rude and very short with us. Giving her the benefit of the doubt ( maybe she was having a bad day) we looked at reviews on line. Some reviews were pretty bad and others were really good. We started asking around to see if anyone we knew was familiar with the place. One person said the woman was rude to her and put herself into quite a few of the wedding pics. A cousin said a girlfriend of hers used to work there but quit because whenever a bad review showed up on-line, the owner or manager or whatever would have her employees pose as satisfied customers and post raving reviews. We found another place as soon as we could. You could look into Woldumar nature center or Fenner, both of these are very pretty due to nature and casual.

    Good luck!
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    We r getting married at Woldumar on 10-10-10. It is~ $600-$800 depending on the day. And they have tables and chairs for up to 146 people. It is a really great price and beautiful location!
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    We're having our June wedding at House in Woods Bed and Breakfast in Dewitt. I really love it. PIB in bio. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    I also looked into Charlar and it was a nice place for an outdoor wedding.... BUT I was also turned off to the place by how rude the lady was that I spoke with!  She was short with me, didn't answer all my questions and overall very rude!  I knew I wasn't wanting to deal with that so she quickly make me change my mind about the posibility of using them!
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