I am not one to usually get upset with bad service, I understand people have their days. However The Grand Limousine Company in Lansing is horrendous. They said they wanted about 1,000 to cover a couple hours of our wedding. Then when I called the gentleman to finalize plans he stated that he was busy and would call me back and also mentioned that they would not be able to cover the whole time I requested and would give me a new price. I never received a call back. I called him to then cancel I had found an alternative. Now I understood that they would keep a portion of the money we put down but he stated that he would keep $500 of our money.....for what? He was very rude on the phone. After I told him I did not appreciate his comments he advised me that he would only return our money if someone else booked the date. My fiance called recently now to see if someone else might have booked the date, because we know they wont call us back. The man again said that he was too busy to talk to us and refused AGAIN saying that he would not return any money. Horrible customer service and treatment for an obscene amount of money. BEWARE!
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