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I am starting to research DJ's.  I won a gift certificate for Complete Music out of Grand Rapids.  Has anyone used them or know anything about them? It is a pretty good deal using the gift certificate but still want the money to be worth it!

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  • From previous reviews, I think it depends on which DJ you get.  You may want to compare their prices with some other DJs, like MAtt from WED or Push Play DJs to see if you are really getting a deal with the gift certificate..
  • How did you win a gift certificate?
  • I went to the Lansing Bridal Show, and a DJ from Complete Music was the speaker at the event (for the fashion segment and prize giveaways). They also did the music for the fashion show.

    I thought the DJ did an excellent job, and he had GREAT charisma. He was extremely professional, but got the crowd excited and involved because he was fun, too. The music they did for the fashion show was awesome as well.

    I haven't seen them at a wedding, but I was imressed at the bridal show and I'm considering them at my wedding because of it.
  • As a veteran of many bridal shows (DD had a 3 year engagement), I can tell you that Comlplete Music gives away a lot of gift certificates.  DD won at least 2 that I remember.  I suspect, that even if you don't win one, you could negotiate the price down to the amount it would be with a gift certificate.
  • I won the gift certificate at the Lansing Bridal Show.  However, I've gotten so many calls and emails about winning things, I'm sort of convinced everyone one.  I did however book Complete for our DJ, with the gift certificate it was the cheapest option.
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